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change do. a crazy patriots ravens game that ends on a game-winning field goal and a head coach physically grabbing an official as the teams leave the field. the question is what is the deal with these refs? here's "way too early" today. good morning, i'm willie geist and this is "way too early", the show that won an emmy in a show earlier this morning, in the category of only thing on television at this hour. aim glad you're up and watching on msnbc or listening on sirius satellite radio. e-mail me or tweet me. let me know what you're doing up. text the word awake followed by your response at 622639. we'll read the best responses as we always do later in the show.
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the next 30 minutes will be your cram session for this monday september 24th. president obama on his oft analyzed relationship with benjamin netanyahu. plus our friends, the "game change" boys go hollywood. alfred and highly man rush the stage at the emmys after their movie swiped a whole bunch of statues. let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. here's "30 rock" in new york city with the election a month and change away mitt romney is vowing to spend less time raising money and more time reaching out to voters. that was his message to reporters while flying to a rally last night in colorado where he addressed a crowd of nearly 7,000 people. today he and his running mate paul ryan launch a three day bus tour through the battleground state of ohio. that's where a new pole shows romney trailing 51/46 among likely voters. survey by the university of cincinnati institute for policy
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research was conducted mostly before the hidden video emerged of mr. romney referring to 47% of americans as victims. interview last night with "60 minutes" romney was asked about his comments on that video and about whether his campaign was in need of a little repair. >> a lot of republicans would like to know a lot of your donors would like to know how do you turn this thing around? >> well it doesn't need a turn around. we have a campaign which is tied with an incumbent president of the united states. i've got a very effective campaign that's doing a very good job but not everything i say is elegant. i want to make it very clear, i want to help 100% of the american people. >> republican governor scott walker meanwhile of wisconsin, said he'd like romney's campaign to recapture the same energy it had after paul ryan was first announced as the running mate. >> i want to see more passion. certainly in part it is a referendum on this president there is no doubt. but i think in most americans there's a lot of independent swing voters they want to know
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what's wrong with this president, but they want to know what's right and what's going to move them forward. i want to see fire in the belly. >> governor scott walker. while they're crisscrossing through ohio voters in the buckeye state will see a ad from president obama. it references the personal taurns romney released on friday showed he paid a 14% tax rate in 2011 although he gave a ton of money to charity, the tax rate is lower than millions of middle income americans. >> mitt romney attacked 47% of americans who pay no income tax including veterans elderly, the disabled. >> my job is not to worry about those people. >> doesn't the president have to worry about everyone? mitt romney paid just 14.1% in taxes last year. he keeps millions in bermuda and the cayman islands. he won't release his tax returns before 2010. maybe instead of attacking
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others on taxes, romney should come clean. >> i'm barack obama and i approve this message. >> president obama also did an interview last night on "60 minutes" where he was asked about the negative campaigning from both parties? >> do we see sometimes us going overboard in our campaign mistakes that are made? yeah. areas where there's no doubt that somebody could dispute how we are presenting things? you know that happens in politics. >> aren't the american people entitled to the truth or a better version of that? >> the truth of the matter is most of the time we're having a vigorous debate about a vision for the country and, you know theres a lot at stake in this election. >> on the question of campaign money, former president bill clinton warned yesterday that republicans have an advantage coming down the stretch. this is some sandbagging we've heard from the democratic side. the president's campaign points out that republicans and their super pacs greatly outweigh president obama and his super
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pac when it comes to campaign money. here's president clinton. >> i think that the republican super pac and the romney campaign combined will outspend the democrats probably 2.5 3 to 1 from here on in. assuming the debates are even a draw, i think the president will win. but i think you can't know because of the enormous financial advantage that citizens united gave to these republican super pacs and because of the work they've done and will do on election day to try to reduce the number of young people first generation immigrants and minorities voting. >> we will talk by the way, to former president bill clinton tomorrow on "morning joe." the latest politico george washington university poll of registered likely voters shows president obama making gains on mitt romney on critical economic issues. national polls. head to head the president up 50
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to 47 among likely voters but that is a statistical tie when you consider the margin of error. romney has lost his edge on handling the economy and jobs. a month ago he led the president by 6 points and now they're dead even 48/48. president obama is leading about the handling of taxes. president obama leads mr. romney on nearly every issue polled including standing up for the middle class, foreign policy and medicare. the only issue where romney has an advantage is on the budget and on federal spending where he leads 50 to 45. in what's considered a bit of a preview for the upcoming debates, president obama and mitt romney were both asked about foreign policy in the middle east including about the u.s. relationship with israel. >> the president's decision not to meet with bebe netanyahu, the president of israel when he's here is a mistake and it sends a message throughout the middle east that somehow we distanced
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ourselves from our friends and i think the exact opposite approach is what's necessary. >> well look i have conversations with prime minister netanyahu all the time and i understand and share prime minister netanyahu's insincestence that they should not get a nuclear weapon. i feel an obligation not pressure but obligation to make sure that we're in close consultation with the israelis on these issues because it affects them deeply. they're one of our closest allies in the region and we've got an iranian regime that has said horrible things that directly threaten israel's existence. >> both of those interview on "60 minutes" last night. newly elected president mohammed morsi is in new york city this morning for the united nation's general assembly. on the eve of his visit morsi
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spoke with the "new york times" and dismissed white house criticism that he did not react fast enough in condemning the violent protests at the u.s. embassy in cairo on the 11th. president morsi said in part we can never condone this kind of violence but we need to deal with the situation wisely. he went on to explain that the slow response was in order to avoid an explosive backlash adding they were never in danger in cairo. he says the united states needs to quote fundamentally change its approach to the arab world and show a greater respect and hoping to build a palestinian state. that's from president morsi of egypt. he said there were things he admired about american culture like our work habits and time management. he is a graduate student, he was, at the university of southern california before he returned to egypt. he slipped in a go trojans in the interview. still ahead on "way too
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early" this morning. on sunday, a wild game. the patriots and ravens finished the day with a game-winning field goal and a little more shaky officiating by the replacement revs. and julianne moore's game change for trail for sarah palin was panned by sarah palin. what did the emmy voters say? we'll run down all the winners and get a check on weather when "way too early" comes back. the judge said violence is unacceptable in our society and sentences sentenced her to seven years in prison. her mother commented, she never got a break, not from the press not from the court.
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5:42 in the morning as we look at a beautiful live picture of the new york public library. we show you that because we are right in the middle now of education nation. nbc's look at the state of education in the united states. let's get a look at the weather. he had two weeks away in an undisclosed location. >> two weeks i definitely missed you. one more week i would have missed barnacle. needed one more. >> if you come back one day later we would have gotten you a light for your position. >> there you go. >> i like that we can return to the spotlight. >> very dramatic. >> very dramatic. welcome back everyone. we are looking at a very cool weather pattern out there. this weekend in the great lakes, felt like the middle of fall not the first day of fall. that continues this morning. grab the jacket for yourself and your kids. we're in the low 40s. that means some of the berms are
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into the 30s. some leaves are starting to change in northern portions of new england and the northern portions of the great lakes. this is the time of year we have to dress in layers. temperatures in the 70s to d.c. 62 in boston. new york city around 69. there's not a lot of highlights. almost everyone can leave the umbrella at home. the only exception down there in south florida, still very hot. areas in texas all the way to the desert southwest. not bad kansas city to minneapolis. willie this is one of the peak months of the hurricane season. we've gotten a huge break. it doesn't look like anything is heading our way. maybe we'll be lucky and no more threats. >> i hope so. >> this is a great, quiet week. >> we'll take it bill. great to have you back man. we'll see you on "morning joe." sports. the patriots and ravens turned one of the best rivalries getting together. we pick it up in the fourth quarter. ravens down 9 points. joe flacco finds torrey smith to
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bring the ravens within 2 after the extra point. smith playing less than 24 hours after his brother died in a motorcycle accident. came back showed up right before the game and had a big game. now after a punt by the patriots, the ravens get the ball back. under a minute to play. flacco goes deep to jacoby jones. he can't come up with t. the patriots are called for pass interference. new englanders didn't like that call. the ravens get at the 7 yard line thanks to the penalty. sets up a 27-yard field goal try for rookie justin tucker. let's listen to al michaels chris collinsworth with the call. >> for the win. oh baby. the patriots are saying no. no. >> they can't believe it. >> this one goes high over the uprights. it was really close. >> boy, watch this replay. was that good? i don't know. the officials said that was a
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game winning field goal. bill belichick as you can see here disagrees. the ravens win 31-30. belichick trying to grab one of the officials as he leaves the field. he was frustrated in his post game press conference questioning why, quote, 30 penalties were called on his team. the number was 24 but it was still a lot. strange calls all week long by these replacement officials including that one that decided the game. ravens win. jets facing off with the dolphins in miami. one of three games to go into overtime. in o.t. sanchez hits antonio holmes. he sets up with the tip shot to win it and the dolphins block the kick. how exciting. the game lives. wait a minute. dolphins head coach joe philbin had called time-out before the snap to try to ice the kicker but he iced the guys who blocked the punt. another shot. 33 yards out. sends it through easily. that's the game winner. jets beat the dolphins 23-20.
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new york jets now 2-1. what a game in nashville. lions and the titans. two seconds left. loibs backup quarterback shawn hill scrambles, throws up a prayer. it's tipped into the arms of tight tus young. that ties the game at 41. that leaves the lions with two touchdowns in the final 18 seconds of the game. it's in overtime. recovered an onside kick. in o.t. the titans gathered themselves, march down the field, 26 yarder that would prove to be the winner. the titans hold on to win a wild game 44-41. >> saints trying to get their first win of the season. jamaal charles breaks one up the sidelines. he's gone. 91 yards. chiefs score 18 unanswered points to tie the game and send it to overtime in new orleans in o.t. brian succop will try from 31 yards to win it. splits the uprights 27-24.
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chiefs win. the saints in big trouble losing at home. they're 0-3. no nfl team in history has ever won the super bowl after starting 0-3. eagles and cardinals, match up of 2-0 teams. michael vick trying to get the eagles on the board but he's blindsided. ball comes logs. james sanders scoops and goes 93 yards, picks up a nice block there. cardinals win in a route 27-6. how about this. the arizona cardinals off to their first 3-0 start since 1974. a little golf for you at the pga. the winner of the fed ex cup was decided yesterday. it was brent snedeker. yes, vanderbilt class of 2003. finished 10 under to defeat rory mcilroy and tiger woods. he's the fed ex cup champ earning himself a bonus of $10 million.
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coming up at the top of the hour on "morning joe" mitt romney and president obama in duelling "60 minutes" interviews as we come down to the home stretch this race. would he have a big crew ready to talk it over. as we come back we will huddle around the water cooler to watch the tv adaptation of "game change." see how it did at the emmys and have a special live guest, bill in tuxedo. how's that for a tease? "way too early" coming right back. [ male announcer ] for the saver and a big first step. for the spender who needs a little help saving. for adding "& sons." for the dreamer planning an early escape. for the mother of the bride. for whoever you are, for whatever you're trying to achieve pnc has technology, guidance, and over 150 years of experience to help you get there.
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we told you at the top of the show that both campaigns have zeroed in on the battleground state of ohio this week. mitt romney, paul ryan making a bunch of campaign stops. we will see a new ad from president obama capitalizing on romney's 47%. if you want to sound smart today, tell your friends since june of this year ohio's unemployment rate has been 7.2%. that's the lowest since september 2008. among the nine key states that will decide the election ohio's unemployment rate is lower than all but three. for the real news let's huddle up around the water cooler. we'll watch the emmy awards. jimmy kimmel hosted the show for the first time. at one point he manipulated
2:52 am
twitter as you can see here by telling everyone to tweet that actor tracy morgan had passed out on stage. it created hysteria online. he had him lie down for ten minutes. in his opening monolog, he took jabs at hollywood and washington. take a look. >> i will admit that doubting abbey is an amazing show. there's so much attention to detail. it's not the show i typically watch, but it really gives you a sense of what it must have been like to grow up in mitt romney's house. are any of you voting for mitt romney? difficult to be a republican in hollywood. being a republican in hollywood is like being a chick-fil-a sandwich on the snack table at "glee." maybe it's just me but does it
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bother anyone else or is it just me that the president said his favorite show is "homeland." i don't think he should watch that for the same reason charlie sheen shouldn't watch "breaking bad." >> "homeland" won huge. damien lewis won huge. they won the victory for best overall series. it ended the era of "madmen" which left empty handed. "breaking bad" won their their supporting role. "modern family" was dominant winning for best overall comedy series and directing. julie bowen celebrated a win, supporting actress. third consecutive year they have won overall best comedy. it was the first run at the emmys.
2:54 am
julia louise dreyfuss one for best actress in a comedy series. after a reboot season john cryer pulling out a win for the show in the category for lead actor doing it without chuck sheen. let's get who has the lead here. mark halpern, john highly man, there he is far left the big fellow. huge night for their film "game change." political drama based on the book about the 2008 election four emmys including best overall mini series and movie best writing and directing. julianne moore won for playing sarah palin. she took note in her acceptance speech. >> wow. wow. i feel so validated because sarah palin gave me a big thumbs down. >> and now the surprise guest you've been waiting for. joining us by phone from los angeles, mark halpern himself.
2:55 am
the obvious first question who are you wearing? >> i am wearing mr. armani as i almost always do. >> are you really? is that a rental or do you own an armani tuxedo? >> well i broke down and bought an armani tuxedo anticipateing some day we would end up at the emmys. >> good to be a best selling author. look at this photograph. i guess my next question is do we have any idea at this hour where john heilman is very worried. >> he's either sound asleep at the hotel or goodness knows where. >> i would say the latter. we're looking at pictures of you behind tom hangs. pretty cool to be up there for all that you do and all the important people you spend time around. what was it like last night? >> great people. tom hangs, julianne moore. from start to finish great group of people to work with. they won the big prize for that movie or mini series. they asked us to come up with them. we sprinted to the stage to make
2:56 am
sure we wouldn't be late. >> you have prime position. this movie we're looking at you're book ending framing tom hangs. >> total coincidence which is where we ended up. >> congratulations to danny strong. we'll talk to you in a couple of minutes on "morning joe." we'll see you in a couple of seconds. >> still on whey"way too early" why are you awake? text us. does your phone give you all day battery life ? droid does. and does it launch apps by voice while learning your voice ? launch cab4me. droid does. keep left at the fork. does it do turn-by-turn navigation ? droid does. with verizon america's largest 4g lte network, and motorola, droid does. get $100 off select motorola 4g lte smartphones like the droid razr. jack, you're a little boring. boring. boring. [ jack ] after lauren broke up with me, i went to the citi private pass page and decided to be...not
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